Colorado Custom Home Remodeling

There are many reasons a homeowner may be in love with their home – the layout, the yard space, how close or distant it is to the city, the exterior design, etc. – but there are often just as many things they don’t like and wish they could change. These changes shouldn’t have to detract from the enjoyment of your house, and with the help of Bob Hoffmann’s custom home remodeling expertise, you can have more reasons to be in love with the place you call home! Our Colorado home remodeling service has been trusted by many across the state, including long-time Denver Bronco and Super Bowl champion Von Miller, who used our custom home remodeling services to have his basement remodeled.

The perfect house rarely comes on the market, and when it does it gets bought quickly or may have been out of your budget to begin with, but with Bob Hoffmann’s Colorado home remodeling you can turn any home into your dream home! Rather than prolonging the house-hunting process to find that elusive dream home, many homebuyers end up settling on a home and wondering “what if?” Custom home remodeling can put those questions to rest and transform your current home so it’s an accurate representation of your style.

Custom home remodeling can be more than just design changes. Renovations with Bob Hoffmann Builders go beyond aesthetic or cosmetic changes because we also look for ways to improve energy efficiency, as well as add functionality and value to a home. We understand that remodeling is one of the most important things a homeowner can do to improve the quality and value of their home so we aim to improve every aspect. That’s why Bob Hoffmann’s Colorado home remodeling is a comprehensive service that factors in home building and improvement so we can offer homeowners a vast array of design and construction options.

Design / Build

Successful custom home remodeling requires an extensive planning and design process, and Bob Hoffmann has the experience, know-how, and tools to get every renovation off to a great start. We use realistic, 3-dimensional colored plans created by Builder Information Modeling (BIM) so homeowners can virtually walk through the new interior and know exactly what the finished product will look like. It allows homeowners the ability to visualize proportions while maximizing space, ensuring homeowner satisfaction with the design, and acting as quality assurance for us.

We use computer-generated AutoCAD designs in our custom home remodeling process because of how well it helps homeowners plan their new space. Proper planning during the design phase gives homeowners better control over the look, budget, and schedule. Furthermore, it helps prevent or resolve issues before construction begins.