About Bob – Custom House Builder and Designer

Bob Hoffmann Builders is Colorado’s premier custom home builder, all thanks to the creativity, passion, and experience of our founder. In his 30 years in the construction industry and 40 years owning his own corporation, the name Bob Hoffmann has become synonymous with luxury, innovation, and commitment. This lifetime of experience has made Bob a talented and accomplished custom home builder and designer, giving clients the best of value, design, and function, designing homes that accurately reflect every aspect of their personality and style.

Custom Home Designer

For years, Bob has been known as a professional, honest, flexible, and creative custom home designer in Colorado. His passion for designing unique custom homes was born out of a dissatisfaction with how homes were increasingly being built in dull, unadventurous uniformity. After first taking notice of this uninspired home design, Bob began creating and designing his very own AutoCAD program called Builder Information Modeling (BIM). To this day, we use this program to create 3-dimensional plans that are so realistic you can visually walk-through interiors and get a real sense of the space.

Just take a look at his luxury custom built homes, and you’ll see it’s anything but cookie-cutter. No other custom home designer will take as much time to get to know you, your lifestyle, and your style preferences, and no other custom home designer was involved with 3D-modeling software as early on as Bob. It’s always been our mission to ensure your entire custom home building experience is exciting, pleasant, and rewarding, from design to construction.

Custom House Builder

Building any home is a complex process, custom homes especially. With sloped, rocky, and mountainous terrain, Colorado presents an especially difficult challenge. Thus, when you want a custom luxury home built in Colorado, you need a custom home builder who understands the land. Our decades of experience as a custom home builder in the state, knowledge of advanced engineering techniques, and use of leading building design software gives us the ability to successfully handle complex foundations, complicated driveways, subsurface or solid rock, and difficult-to-access sites.

We understand that it takes meticulous planning, years of Colorado building experience, and a well-managed team of highly skilled and professional subcontractors to create a structurally sound and well-designed home. This is just one of the many reasons why we are Colorado’s premier custom home builder.

Bob’s Reputation

Bob’s passion and enthusiasm for his life’s work have earned him a reputation as a trusted custom home designer and builder capable of bringing any vision to life. Bob was born in Wisconsin, and he credits his Mid-western upbringing to his strong work ethic and moral character that makes him so good at what he does.

When Bob founded his construction company more than three decades ago, he gave it his name and made it his brand. Bob stands by his work, warranties every project, and personally commits to creating a client’s dream home with honesty, integrity, and fairness. Today, the custom homes built by Bob Hoffmann Builders, Inc. are a symbol of superior quality that will last for generations. Contact us today to learn more about what Bob can bring to your custom home project.

Custom House Builder and Home Designer